Hula Prullen

VTuber Debut

Hula debuted with her 3D model in late 2021!


Hula has opened her commissions to the public!


  • Hula (she/they) is a Gremlin VTuber who streams gameplay on Twitch.

  • She is a member of the private guild known as The VRoid Academy.

  • She runs a Booth shop where she sells original VRoid clothing & assets.

  • Her lore is that she drank too much Dr. Pepper and became a gremlin.


Send any messages to Hula's manager, Aiyoku. She'll forward them to Hula.

Streaming Assets



How did you make your 3D model?

I originally made it in VRoidStudio then changed it in Blender & Unity.


All times shown on Hula's schedule fall under EDT/EST.

12/15/215:00 PMDebut
1/4/224:00 PMBirthday


Status: OPEN

Terms of Service

By commissioning Hula, you acknowledge & agree to the TOS.

  • Payment is required before she has started on the commission.

  • Clients will only receive a refund if Hula hasn’t started working on their commission.

  • Do not rush her. Hula may take a long time to finish commissions.

  • She requires credit to be given if a client uses and/or shares Hula's art on any sites including social media.

  • Commission slots are not given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Hula will close her commissions once all slots are taken.

  • She reserves the right to decline a commission.

  • Hula only accepts payment through CashApp.

  • Commissions are only for personal use. Please let Hula know ahead of time if you plan to use her art for commercial purposes.

  • Do not trace over and/or modify Hula's art in any way, shape, or form without their permission.

  • She won't give refunds out after commissions have been finished.

  • You agree to allow Hula to display the finished piece in her gallery portfolio as an example piece.


The price of a commission will vary depending on complexity.

ServicePriceFile Type
VRoid Clothing$20.png
Full Outfit$40.png / .vroid

Will Do

  • Blender & Unity Adjustments

Won't Do

  • NSFW / Gore / Body Horror


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